My Story

Born and raised in Washington State, Ishmael Stinson has always been naturally adventurous, fearless, and an active leader in his peer group and community. After graduating college with a degree in communication (public Speaking) Ishmael returned to where he grew up to bounce around sales jobs that naturally made use of his gregarious nature. It was in 2016 when Ishmael fell into a customer support role for Affirma Consulting, underneath the Microsoft umbrella, that Ishmael’s passion for production and the advancement of business goals really took off. Within this role came an abundance of flexibility and reach that diverged from the initial description of responding on social media. As social media is an ever-changing landscape by 2017 opportunities to expand into hosting live streams and organizing a team to regularly broadcast to the vast Xbox audience, became a full-time part of the role. From here Ishmael took things into his own hands getting a business license and pursuing his own production events. Ishmael eventually became a capable producer not only for online productions but also live music events. In 2018 Ishmael curated over a dozen productions, including live appearances, podcasts, pop up events, intimate musical events and the like. “After having the opportunity to work for Fortune 500 companies as well as a for myself I have an appreciation for clear communication, teamwork, and far-reaching vision meant to magnify the best qualities of any product or production.” – Ishmael Stinson. Using his diverse experience Ishmael aims to give unmatched quality in consulting and production while also bringing a unique perspective in building communities large and small.

My Philosophy

Direct intention leads to direct action. My work philosophy is to prepare for every business engagement as if I plan to be working together for the rest of my life. By setting my intentions before every interaction I prepare myself to bring value to every client. Always looking to provide value while also properly communicating expectations, pricing, and goals set’s me apart as a producer. I may not always have the answer but I will always be clear and concise. With a team first attitude I always devise an approach to get you to your goals. Let’s work together.

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