Ishmael Stinson

Independent Producer and Brand Consultant

A Versatile Communicator

Striving to promote, premier, and prime your business or production in a way that captures your vision. Providing clients, employers, and collegues with dependable, honest, and passionate work that’s always exceptional.

Production Specialist

Brand Consulting

Content Production


Web Development

Business Development

Video Editing

Here to bring your vision to life, reach out now to get in touch.

Breakout Productions

Some of my proudest moments in the past 3 years that allowed my talents and commitment to excellence shine. Check it out.

Mixer Matchups

Mixer Matchups – 8 week live sports tournament produced by Mighty Media with Joshua Gray & Taylor Wilkins as lead producer’s providing cutting edge e-sports broadcasts and E3 2019 Finale Presentation.

Guanin Events

A series of 5 seperate charity showcases raising over $15,000 for Centro Guanin and featuring over a dozen artist and local Pacific North West businesses including but not limited to: Raz Simone, Let’s Get Social, Vealinium, Seattle Lunch Table Podcast, Woke & Heard

Minority Owned & Certified

Recently certified through the Office of Minority & Women Business Enterprise allowing me to be able to serve the WA state government.

Reach out now for Branding, Video Editing, Hosting or any other Business Consulting.

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